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Audiometers for hearing aid dispensers


Oscilla® provides hearing aid dispensers with user-friendly, portable and reliable audiometers for speech testing and hearing aid fitting. We offer flexible solutions that can be used in the office or in connection with home visits to patients. In addition, we also offer our own AudioConsole software, which enables the user to perform on-screen speech testing and save test results in the patient database. AudioConsole is fully compatible with Noah. 


Choose Oscilla®

Ease of use: user-friendly audiometers that provides quick and reliable data for the user

Portability: compact devices for hearing professionals who need equipment that can be used in connection with home visits as well as in the office

Reliability:  durable audiometers made for daily use for many years



  USB350 SP web             



PC-based diagnostic audiometer with air and bone conduction and speech for manual and automatic hearing tests. Operated with Oscilla® AudioConsole software. Easy to transport around together with a laptop.